Zecret Truex

Zecret Truex


Zecret Truex currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Her interest in art began in early childhood. She has been considered unparalleled from a young age, with the ability to see the beauty in fine details and transfer these images onto canvas.

She has been abundantly successful in other areas of art, including artistic makeup, special effects makeup, sculpting, and interior design, including upcycling stunning furniture pieces.

Her artwork is highly sought after and "Solitary Peace" is currently displayed in a local business. She Is also very successful in her artistic makeup and design work.

Artist Statement:
I am fascinated by emoiton, light patterns, and nature.
As an Inrovert, I tend to pay particular close attention to fine details and patterns around me. In my natural surroundings I focus on patterns and elements. In people I meet or just observe, I pay close attention to their behavior, manurizumes, and the emotion they show in body language and facial expressions.
One can get so caught up in daily life, they might miss the opprotunities around them to see beauty and capturing the tranquility that lies in our natural surroundings.
I've often been called a dreamer, but I tend to sway more toward an observer. Everything I see beauty in, I try to mentally absorb and store it in the corner of mind where eventually I might be able to bring it back to life through one of my paintings.
There is so much beauty, tranquility and emotion surrounding us that some might not ever see or know it even exists. I feel extremely blessed to have a gift of focusing deeply on nature, people's emotions, and life in general, with the ability of transferring these beautifully intense images onto a canvas to share with all of you.