About YoshaPhotography's works

YoshaPhotography's works ooze heart, soul and gentleness. They evoke emotion and create a moment of pause and peace in the life of the onlooker. Her work includes photos of nature, animals and humans, but the centre of attention in all of her photographs is love.

The prints listed here are only a selection of Yosha's work. Please visit yoshaminken.nl to see more. If you see a photograph that you like that isn't listed here, feel free to get in touch and a custom listed will be created.

About the photographer:

Yosha is a self taught photographer who has been making photographs for well over a decade and her goal is to brighten your day, lives and homes with her work.

When Yosha started photography, she learned it was a great way to look at her surroundings with new eyes and to lose herself in it's beauty. She wants to give other people that same experience through her photographs. Making photographs that warm my heart is not simply a hobby for her, it's a necessity. Starting a shop allows her to share the happiness, love and warmth with everybody that could use some. Because she believes that the world would be a(n even) better place with more happiness, love and warmth.

Yosha is a Dutch native and is based in the Netherlands. She splits her photography time between: out in (mostly Dutch) nature, where she takes most of her photographs, and her home office, where she does all of her post processing. It's right on the edge of a forest and looks out on a ton of great big oak trees.

Her foremost production partners are mother nature and Meep, her cat. They are her great inspiration and are both essential for my wellbeing and thus her photographs. Meep also actively assists Yosha during her photoshoot preparations and the post production process, performing throrough inspections of all incoming and outgoing photography equipment and napping by Yosha's side while she edit.

Heart & Soul