Tlachinoihuitl Yoe

Tlachinoihuitl Yoe

Cualli tonalli (Good day).
My name is Yoe; I’m an indigenous American from parts of the Mexica nation. I inherited my artistic abilities from my Mother and both Grandparents as basically I’ve not had any formal art training, this too has been passed on to my three daughters who are exceptional artist in their own way. Unfortunately as a young influential adult I was told that I was wasting my time with art, so I abandon my art to concentrate more on work and supporting my family. Now nearly 40 years later I happily re-started my inborn abilities and love for art. As a school teacher, I enjoy drawing portraits of my young students. Their expression of wow and that of their parents is my reward. I encourage my students not to lose focus of their God given abilities, but if need be, it’s never too late to start back up as I have done. I thank my wife Lety and my kids for giving me the courage to start over once again. What you see here, comes from me regaining what was once taken from me. I hope you enjoy.
PS; Check back often for more updates. The majority of my work is of my students and not available here.



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