Yazmin Lopez

Yazmin Lopez


My passion for art began since I was a little girl. My mother encouraged me throughout my life to follow my dreams, so she took me to oil painting classes at the age of twelve. My father would challenge me as a little girl by writing down a number and telling me to create something using that number. I have always been grateful for having a mother and having had a father that always believed in me.

All my life, I’ve been driven by passion. Regardless of any obstacles or fears I have faced, my mantra has always been RISE ABOVE! The reason I bring that up is, because for a long time I was intimidated to start creating again. I taught Art at a high school for seventeen years, which I truly loved, but at the same time I felt there were other goals I had left to reach.

Now I am pursuing a career as an artist, after having put it in the in the back burner for many years. It is never to late or impossible to follow your dreams! Art fills my soul, and I be been starving it for way to long. This is not only a career journey, but a soul journey as well.