Yi Feng

Yi Feng


Yi Feng, Chinese Artist, has been working in education and publishing industry for years. Now he is a full-time independent painter in Beijing.

He started to receive Chinese traditional and modern realist painting training at an early age, and thus he is familiar with oriental ink painting skills. From the university period, he started to try and test skills and materials that are beyond the Chinese traditional painting theories and practices. Actually, he believes that whether natural or artificial material has its own unique beauty and making full use of them on the basis of human needs into items with aesthetic and practical values contributes to natural evolution, social development, and life blooming. It is core and spirit of Chán/Zen-Tradition to turn material resources to good account.

Artist Statement
I’m committed to bonding the oriental tradition and modern society, capturing and recording the expression of status quo of contemporary Chinese society and living. Installation, painting and practical product are three key forms of my art creations.

The Hands of DunHuang

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