My name is Ava and I started painting when I was able to hold a pencil at just a young toddler age. Ever since it has been part of my life and when I paint I feel free, happy and complete. I was lucky to have a daughter who shares my passion for painting and so I started to paint with her on big canvas and we would get really into it, and really dirty with paint of course, and we loved it. That’s when a new style and name was created: YARAVA (Yara – my daughters name, and Ava – my name)
I have been working with different mural artists in Germany and Los Angeles and I have a favor in big spaces (or big canvas) but I also love to experiment with different shapes and formats, square for example. When I was creating my Instagram page I liked the process of dismembering the paintings into squares. It gave them a completely new outlook. That’s why I would like to sell my paintings also in fragments as an special edition “Fragment – Prints”. If you like that option you can choose your favorite part of the painting and buy it as a print. Or even two fragments from the same painting to hang next to each other. I believe creativity has no limit.
Since I was always keen to get to know different cultures and I have been working with people from all over the world, traveling a lot and even spend a year living in Cuba my paintings live from their vivid colors. My goal is to bring joy of life and positivity into peoples homes.

Todo esta fresa


Modern Abstract