My name is Yoelis Diaz, I was born in Cuba and that was where I studied Fine Arts and participated in a multitude of exhibitions. At the age of 20 I migrated to Florida and I furthered my education in Art and graduated from Art Instruction School.

In the United States I participated in a few local exhibitions and one international expo.

I was introduced to photography by a family member. My first camera was an Olympus point and shoot digital camera, photography then later became one of my main hobbies.

I started learning the fundamentals of the camera and at the same time I enjoyed time outdoors, contemplating the beauty of Florida.

While photography remains as my main hobby, I enjoy fishing as well.

Last year I purchased an iPad and began working on digital paintings, and to my surprise it was a pleasant experience and I was able to learn and enjoy all the benefits of digital art. Using my skills as an Artist of oil paints, brushes and easels, I've been able to create pieces I am proud of, using the iPad.

Thank you for visiting my gallery.


Digital Art.


Butterflies, Flowers and Insects.