Wulff Art

Wulff Art


My name is Loni Wulff; I am a completely self taught artist located in Albuquerque, NM. As a child, I was one of those creative kids zooming around at 100 miles per hour, my head crammed with so many ideas I couldn’t stop long enough to act on half of them ( thank God…one of those ideas involved my becoming a police officer simply because I owned an Oscar Mayer Wiener whistle. Combine a slick kid who escaped from the tub one evening with a busy highway….well, use your imagination.)

As a newly minted adult, after a few false starts, I wound up enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. I learned many things during my 4 year enlistment, absolutely none of which involved creativity; dancing in a highway naked while tooting a whistle was evidently frowned upon.

Finally, after many years in many places doing many jobs, I found my creative muse in using pastels to draw things of beauty around me. I am in love with Albuquerque, the beauty of the scenery and nature around me, and the welcoming spirit of the people that inhabit this magical place.

I hope you enjoy my paintings.