My name is Pete. I create digital art to clear my mind. It is my escape. When I am creating my images, nothing else exists. I escape into my own world. My gallery is called WrongPlanetSyndrome, because most of my life I have felt that I've come to the wrong planet. I felt like I didn't belong here. This planet confuses me. I wondered if there was a poor soul on another planet, thinking the same thing. Somehow things got mixed up. He went to my planet and I came to his.

I use 3D modelling to create my images. Generally, the images appear in my mind and then I try to create what I can see. A lot of my images are a bit dark. I have a few that are brighter. I do try. :o) Looking back at the images I've created, I now see that a lot of them are autobiographical. They portray events and emotions I was experiencing at the time of their creation. I make no excuse for the fact they tend to be cliché Science Fiction images. I feel a need to create the images and I create what is in my head. They are just emotional outpourings. They are what they are. Don't take them seriously as pieces of art. They are just expression.

Hopefully some people will like them.