Hello! My name is Yuliia Ustymenko and WombArt is my art project - http://wombart.net.

I prefer to work with oil. Also I love using gold leaf for the richness and luminosity that it brings to a composition. I always use highly pigmented paints to ensure that the pictures will be a good long-term investment for people.

In nature, animals, people and movies I find a never-ending source of inspiration.

I hope you can see something in my art that can attract and inspire you as it does to me. I believe that painting should create a special atmosphere in your house and become the main element, where your soul can find the emotions you are looking for.

My work is currently held in private collections across the globe.

In case of any questions, please contact me: wombarto@gmail.com. I will check the best way to send the artwork to your country and provide you with information about the shipping costs.

Thanks for looking!


The Great Pugs


Playing cards

Dota 2