My name is Steven C. Witczak. I grew up in Palatine Illinois, the middle child of 3 kids. I never had many hobbies growing up but at a young age I knew I had an interest in drawing as I found myself sketching during class in elementary school rather than doing my school work. I grew up and started my career at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 1992. This 22 year career moved me through many states and many experiences. One of these experiences brought me back to my passion during the cold blustery winter of 2012 in Northern Pennsylvania. I had a friend who showed me some pencil portraits her father had completed in the past and at that moment the fire inside me to draw was reignited. I began with pencil only, then progressed to a mix of pencil and charcoal and now I stick mainly with charcoal as I prefer the the contrast that charcoal gives to a drawing. I consider myself a self taught artist with no past experience, training, or classes.
Residing in warm, sunny Florida after my retirement I am now able to continue to refine "'my" drawing technique and share my drawings thru social media.
I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.