Windy Karigianes Se'saani Art

Windy Karigianes Se'saani Art

Windy Karigianes
Sesaani Art

As a virtuoso not only in the aspects visual arts but also the art of music, is Windy Karigianes. From the early age of 11 Windy has had the passion for art and started with pencil sketching and raw drawings in art class at school and on her free time. Learning her creative side, that’s when Windy’s “Art in her Heart” found her, with the power of music. Putting her visual artistry on hold and focusing on her singing career Windy remained drawing and sketching on her free time, even between performances.

It wasn’t until 2009 when her friend and energetic healer introduced art full time back into her life with a painting healing session. Since that session, Windy self taught the use of oil pastels and focused on an intention of feeling the flow through the oils with using her hands to mix and create a story to tell. From there, this began a new journey for her which entailed the use of acrylics and oil pastels for which is her signature.

Through her journey of self taught artistry,Windy’s passion for art shows through the energy of every painting and every song she’s sung. Art is not only a hobby, but a way of life and healing.

“Through art we can heal ourselves and others. I believe everyone can paint. Finding a comfortable medium that expresses ones soul.”
​Windy Karigianes