Wilkin Mejia

Wilkin Mejia


I'm kind of a shy person struggling to speak up and be heard. As a kid I did not have a voice and growing up I did not have any emotional support to develop any survival skills. As an adult I sometimes still see me as a kid reveling to be heard and for the right of free speech, and to have the right to be different, and express my views, even if the group majority may be against my views and want me to not speak up! So I really value people's right to be unique and find their own path to happiness whatever that path would be.

I believe in God because he has had a big hand on wanting me to exist in this reality. I believe that to have a loving relationship with God you don't need to belong to any specific religion. I believe God is a loving God that loves all of his children equally and to him it does not matter if you believe in him or fallow any churches required rules, in other for him to show his love for you in your life!
I'm a self thought artist.

I specialize in abstract art because I love being able to create things that might not have ever being seem before. I also love the freedom I feel to create any reality doing abstract art.

My given name is Wilkin but my friends call me by the nick name Wil.

May God bless each and every one of you that buys some of my art work. And many thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Water rose

Abstract art

Life lessons

Crystal formation


Purple man