21 Years old. Living in Southern Ontario.I have a son named William who just turned 1 at the end of December 2017.

I have been doing graphic design since I was just 11. Freelancing through high school to get extra cash in the summers. I have been painting since 2014. I took a design course in college that taught me everything I needed to know about the fundamentals of art, design principles, colour, historical art, ect. After 7 months of this, one teacher had told me that an abstract that I created was not art because It had no subject matter; Even though to me, it meant so much more.I decided that this path wasn't what i thought it was going to be. I took from this what I could in only 7 months of the course, dropped out and started making my own paintings.

From then on I haven`t stopped painting. It`s a passion of mine. I have been paying back my student loans by selling my art. My knowledge of design aspects and colour help to form my paintings and are the solid ground behind them all. I use my personal experiences that I have had in my life as a basis of what I paint. I bring life to different states of mind. I like to visually represent what is not visually represented already. Like emotion, feelings, different energy or vibes. Things that we are subconsciously aware of, but visually there is nothing to show for it.

Please take the chance to look around my shop ! thank you for stopping by:)