Whitney E. Wernick Art

Whitney E. Wernick Art


My name is Whitney Wernick and I am a Photographer and Studio Artist, born in Grapevine, Texas while attending college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In both mediums I tend to focus more on nature and wildlife. As well as with photography I work with nature and people and in painting I tend to focus on nature and explore Abstract and Contemporary styles. The shows that I have been included in so far have been during my first two years at Santa fe University of Art and Design. Both showings were from hARvesT .two and hARvesT .three, where I had multiple pieces on display. These pieces consisted of oil and acrylic paintings, architectural models, and an installation string piece. In High-school my focus was towards the arts, taking classes in Studio and Photo 1 and 2. I am currently a Junior Photography Major, minoring in Studio Arts at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. My focuses are Commercial Studio Practices for photo and oil painting as well as some acrylic on plexi-glass for Studio Arts. My oil paintings of landscapes or nature are from either from real places I have been or from my own photographs.

Studio Art Work: www.etsy.com/WhitnErinArt
Photography : www.whitneyerinphotography.com
Both Works :
- www.tumblr.com/whitneyerinart
- www.facebook.com/whitneywernickart
- instagram : #whitneyerinart

Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

Plexiglass Work

Oil Paintings