Wendy Tucci Art

Wendy Tucci Art


Born in Orlando, FL and raised in upstate New York, Wendy Tucci an emerging self-taught acrylic and watercolor artist, who discovered her love for art at an early age. Dabbling in pencil and charcoal, producing picture after picture of gorillas and wildcats in their habitats, Tucci knew then she wanted to be an artist.
Winning many awards in high school and college, Tucci became intrigued with watercolor, and decided to take a brush to the medium and found a new passion for painting. With her interest in wildlife, she began producing watercolor paintings of all animals, but taking a main interest to birds and fish.
As Tucci moved around and traveled the love for all of nature and the ocean became a pure calling. Sunrises, sunsets, and the quickly changing landscapes with all the vibrant colors, how would she portray all that she saw? Watercolors were subdued and oils took too long to dry. Acrylics it was, and with her special technique and style her works directly respond to the surrounding environment. She found her subject and the medium of her choice. Tucci hopes to get an emotional response from her audience by capturing that “aha” moment that one feels when they see something for the first time. Private commissioned works have been done for actors James Maslow and Chris Fabregas.
Tucci is currently working on a new website and a new painting series called “Caribbean Oceans” inspired by her latest trip to the southern islands.
Tucci resides in Mount Pleasant, SC, with her husband and two daughters.You can find her works at the market in downtown Charleston, and meet her at local art festivals.
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Artist statement

My work is inspired by nature’s natural elements and beauty. How can one not enjoy a beautiful sunset over the ocean, or watch dark clouds form over an angry sea?
I create a conversation between sky and land as well as color and texture. I also like to explore the color range of possibilities allowed through different methods of application. In this case, I use acrylics. Blending colors while still wet and adding a dry brush approach, capturing a glimpse of nature that lasts a moment, and duplicating it on canvas to last a life time.
This is why I love to paint.
Inspiration comes from a variety of places. Mine just happens to be everything outside.