welome to mostartworks
mosta bao is an artist who love to paint.
One of his features is to think how to break stereotypes to continue and enhance his work as a creator to hone his talent and advance his artworks.

dreamer to do many things by the way he prefer.
open minded.

My upbringing and interest in art

In my early childhood, I had a strong curiosity for things, including image that around us,
the colors it contained,
consistency and beauty,
and that is something innate in us.
After some years, it was a wonderful beginning for me to knew and be liked artworks of many artists, reading about art motivated me to continue and be optimistic.
Practicing, thinking, and accurately observing and staring at paintings makes my subconscious mind elicit ideas to create beautiful artworks,
My creative process is distinguished by the endless desire to understand the still-silent genius of nature, and to gain access to its secrets through artwork and simulate it. In my paintings, I try to show the aesthetic side of wild nature, because of the accuracy it contains in our awareness, and this appears through contemplation without prejudice.
i've trusted in my intuition and feelings, and that reveals me myself, and my talent, i discovered all that through my artworks and that makes me feel satisfied,.
My dream is to unleash my imagination to reach the limits of genius,
my paintings comfort the viewer, and speaks to his intuition, Thank you for taking the time to view my artworks.