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Raised in the US Pacific Northwest, J Watterson spent her early life immersed in the natural beauty of rainforests, mountains, and beaches.
"My artwork connects me to my love of nature by painting fresh, beautiful, cozy, and peaceful images that may be described by using the Danish term for comfort and happiness; "hygge". I feel that because art is all around us and that many people enjoy art in their homes to be viewed on a daily basis, either in the form of a high quality giclée print or as home décor, then that art has the potential to lifts one's spirits or bring a sense of space and calm. I enjoy creating those kinds of pieces."

She began painting nearly 8 years ago and found a passion for developing layers to define a composition and blending subtle variations of color. Having taken classes from a master realist painter in the US Pacific Northwest, figure painting at the Smithsonian, and impressionism in Provence, France, she found she is drawn to painting both the occasional realism styled painting as well as more painterly post-impressionism landscapes. Sometimes dabbling in oil paints, J Watterson primarily uses Golden's Open Acrylics on 100% cotton canvases due to their optimal drying time.

Having settled in the Northern Virginia region of the US, the beauty of the mountains, rolling hills, coastline, rivers, and marshes continue to provide endless inspiration for a range of subjects from still life to her continued love of painting clouds, landscapes, and seascapes.

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