William H Areson Jr Private Art Collection


William (Bill) Areson was originally from New York, USA. He came to Asia in the early 70s and he was working in the financial sector in Hong Kong. Eventually in 1971, he set up his own Accountancy Firm specializing in US and local tax as well as managing all the accounts for most of the private clubs and providing financial services for private individuals and companies.

He and his family plus dogs lived on a motorized 85 foot vessel for 34 years. He moored in Sai Kung and Aberdeen and recently he decided to come ashore.

During his travels around Asia, the Pacific and Europe, he acquired paintings, prints and carvings from San Francisco, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burma, Australia and Venice (Italy).

These pictures were mainly collected in the 70s and they are now for sale.

San Francisco


Hong Kong