My name is Vasilis Patiniotis. I am young painter livnig in Greece. My first contact with the world of painting was at the age of 13 years old when i was an aprentice of a children's book illustrator. In those years I learned how to use watercolours, pastels and ink. Later on I found out that I love art. I became obsessed with painting, so I moved on and I went to study in a workshop. There I learned how to use oils and acrylics with great talent and I also had the chance to study in depth quite a lot of great artists (some of them are:Leonardo da Vinci, Tiziano, Albrecht Durer, Diego Velazquez, Jacques Luis David, Eugene Delacroix, John Constable, and all the painters from the time of Manet to today). That's when I decided I wanted to be a painter so I started working on my academic drawing in order to enter the school of fine arts here in Athens. I hope you enjoy my art. I will keep updating my gallery so don't forget to return!