Vitalii Soroka fine art prints

Vitalii Soroka fine art prints

Hi! I'm an internationally published fashion, advertising and commercial photographer.
But here I selling my own fine art prints.

My photography path is lying from the film street photography, throughout artistic portraits, to high-end fashion and commercial photography. I shoot both film and digital depending on project goals.

As a former professional dancer, director and choreographer - I have a good idea about how the body is functioning moving and acts. And I always want to bring some movement or story in my photography. Working with people on the set brings me a lot of joy.

I have experience working with the creative team and solo. Both ways have their own specifics and benefits. Like them both.

I shoot
- Portraits, including business portraits,
- Campaigns and Look books for brands and independent designers
- Editorials
- Commercial photography of consumer products

I would be happy if my photos will be part of your interior.

Landscape Berlin

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