Vigilante art

Vigilante art

A vigilantes art was inspired by the admiration of one purpose, "uniqueness". Art is our feeling of inner "emotions and thoughts", art surrounds us each day we breathe. Art is puzzling, it is deep and dark, it is cold. It is what we "breathe" each passing day, expressionism, expression or flat out "abstract art", isn't supposed to be pretty or fancy or fun to look at. It is meant to tell a "story" of twisted inner self "beliefs and emotions" towards the "earth". I feel an overwhelming presence of "hurtful people" in the world i feel sorrow for those who are the "happiest". My art "a vigilantes art", was never intended to be pretty or fancy, it was intended of telling wicked and twisted thoughts the average "human being" feels each day. My art will never be pretty or appear to the "ignorance eyes", however look closely my fellow brethren. You will see the pain and sorrows, the self torture of above in my paintings, detail for detail explaining the world as I express it on my "canvas". Watch closely as your eyes shut, feel that pain inside and cry, cry like a baby bear, cry like a weeping hurt soul. Let my paintings touch "your heart and soul", listen closely now. Your "frown" will be the stepping stone you took in order to achieve your wildest dreams, frowning is the "ignorant person's mind" thinking they "won". Ignorance is misery, misery is self inflicted pain. Let my paintings touch you in ways "never imagined", my paintings are not a "Picasso", my paintings are a "vigilantes mind", running wild. Unique is the key, ugly is falsified, beauty is fake, internal strength is the name of the game.

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