Victor Koryagin

Victor Koryagin

Victor Koryagin is an artist who lives in Kharkov, Ukraine, and I am his friend, Yelena Weinstein, a math teacher from New York.
Victor is not a professional artist; he never believed his art deserved publicizing, so I am trying to do it for him, especially now:

Recently he was diagnosed with cancer. It is now in stage 3. As of now, his treatment estimate is about $30,000...

Victor runs a small publishing business. This business provides for elderly mother, his sister's family and his 22-year old daughter that he brought up since she was 6, when his wife passed away. But the magnitude of his medical expenses is simply incomprehensible for most of Ukrainian residents.

I have been doing a fundraiser to help him collect the money he needs. Please support him by buying his art and possibly donating more, sharing this information with others.


blog that I have been doing about him:

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