VezArt Originals - Abstract Art

VezArt Originals - Abstract Art

Hello and welcome to my gallery. I have been drawn to creating art and painting abstract paintings now for around 6 years, creating abstract Artwork for friends, family colleagues and customers.

You contact me anytime regarding my art at Happy to take on commissions in your colour schemes.

I live in Australia in the capital city of Canberra, where I have had the pleasure of many visits to the National Australian gallery - where my initial interest started with abstract painting.

As a change and forced wind down from my busy previous work as a system and business analyst (where I created systems and applications to now creating Art). I have enjoyed creating paintings and usable artwork to brighten peoples homes - it makes me happy to see others happy and I put a lot of love in my painting. It is a form of relaxation for me and I enjoy it immensely.

The Medium used is mainly acrylic abstract painting and designs finished in resin or gloss for protecting the artwork. Each piece is an original and can not be replicated, that is why I enjoy creating in many colours. Please enjoy my gallery.
You contact me regarding my art at .

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