Veronica Fine Art - Veronica Huacuja

Veronica Fine Art - Veronica Huacuja

My name is Veronica Huacuja (wu-a-koo-ha). I am a painter and an art coach ( that was born and lives in Mexico City.

In my “Portrait Artwork” collection, I work special characters in borderline situations. This means that the artworks are dramatic and in most of them I try to grasp their “exasperated beauty” (1).

These criteria apply as well to a new collection I entitled “Women’s Series”, in which I interpret and portray historical females, some renowned characters, others anonymous, but all of their biographies called my attention as an artist and as a woman. I treat most of these creations with drama.

In my “Art and Radiology Artwork” collection (Period I and Period II), the man and its precarious condition (temporality, decay, fragility...) is the central topic of my work. Some initial sources I use are radiological medical studies done to sick, genderless, anonymous persons. I like to call the results of my work as “Human Landscapes”. By this category, I mean to explore the carnal material that make us human. I have divided this collection into two periods of my production: “Period I” goes from 2000 to 2003, and “Period II” gathers artwork I have created from 2017 up to date.

My artistic influences are from many Latin American, American and European painters of all times. My work has a powerful influence from Francis Bacon artist’s oeuvre (

The pictorial currents of my work are figurative and semi-abstract.

The mediums and techniques of my choice are oil, acrylic on canvas, or paper. And I add one I like so much to work with: digital painting.

Hope you enjoy the work and thank you for visiting!

1 Ficacci, L. “Bacon”, 2003. Taschen

Human Body Artwork

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Art and Radiology Artwork, Period II

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