Veronica Fine Art - Veronica Huacuja

Veronica Fine Art - Veronica Huacuja

My name is Veronica Huacuja (wu-a-koo-ha). I am a painter and an art coach that was born and lives in Mexico City.

What interests me as a creator is abnormality and its impact on human life. I make my work with deep respect towards the persons on which I make my studies.

In my “Portraits” collection, I work special characters in borderline situations. This means that the artworks are dramatic and in most of them I try to grasp their “exasperated beauty” (1).

These criteria apply as well to a new collection I entitled “Women”, in which I interpret and portray historical females, some renowned characters, others are anonymous, but all of their biographies called my attention as an artist and as a woman. I treat most of these creations with drama.

In my “Art and Radiology” collection –Period I and Period II–, the man and its precarious condition (temporality, decay, fragility...) is the central topic of my work. Some initial sources I use are radiological medical studies done to sick, genderless, anonymous persons. I like to call the results of my work as “Human Landscapes”. By this category, I mean to explore the carnal material that makes us human. I have divided this collection into two periods of my production: “Period I” goes from 2000 to 2003, and “Period II” gathers artwork I have created from 2015 up to date.

In 2021, I add a new collection, “The Relentless”, where I picture people that have social malfunctions and disorders that drive them to crime. The tragedy of their lives and their cross paths in the lives of others are elements that impulse me to create this series. In this collection I include as well, the "manhunters", the professionals that pursue these outlaws. I think they are too relentless. So, those who fight "monsters" are also part of this collection.

My artistic influences are from many Latin American, American and European painters of all times. My work has a powerful influence from Francis Bacon artist’s oeuvre (

The pictorial currents of my work are figurative and semi-abstract.

The mediums and techniques of my choice are oil, acrylic on canvas, or paper. And I add one I like so much to work with, digital painting.

Hope you enjoy the work and thank you for visiting!

1 Ficacci, L. “Bacon”, 2003. Taschen

Art and Radiology Artwork, Period II

"Human Body"



"The Relentless"


Art and Radiology Artwork, Period I