Veronica Alma

Veronica Alma

I grew up in a small village in Spain and I remember myself always playing outside with bugs, sticks and plants. My grandmother was blind I was fascinated by the fact that she could see things without actually seeing them. I remember myself being her eyes: describing colours, forms and patterns for her, and she helping me to be aware of other things for me were unnoticed.

The way that she perceived the world influenced me notoriously and in some point I realised that my way of perceiving things was unusual when I started school and nobody understood what I was talking about. Years later I discovered that I am synthetic which basically means that my senses are mixed up. I see music, tastes and smells, colours in people, musical notes in colours, etc.

My drawings and photographs are an attempt to show my way of perceiving the world and also a therapeutic mode of expressing my deep feelings. I studied photography, Psychology, Gestalt therapy and art therapy and I am interested in biology, quantum psychics, astronomy and shamanism.

I hope you enjoy my work and if you have any comment, suggestion or just want to contact me, please feel free to do it: