Artist, designer, storyteller from a little country of blossoming gardens, living on a magical island blessed by the velvety mountains - wise, green and forever warm.

Thank you for visiting this page, and choosing my art. I believe the artwork you selected will inspire you and open a new window to the wonders of life.

Art is my peaceful angel, always with me, always there for me. At 7 I went to art school, then - art college, then - art university, for the next 19 years. Then - teaching in art college, founding my art school for adults, exploring art therapy, painting and drawing.
I see wonderful pictures of many untrained artists and know - you don't need to study so many years to be an artist. But I am very grateful for the "secret society", secret creative space I entered that early and never left. Its atmosphere keeps me winged and deeply inspired, not really attached to the carousel of everyday's troubles. Art gave me the endlessness of inner discoveries, inner journeys. And the precious time when I look at the world, and see it - its unforgettable faces, cities, oceans and trees.

As an artist it is so easy to inspire others and to contribute to my community, and many good projects around the world. Buying my art you are doing something good for the world together with me.

Some years ago I left my homeland, and my home town, its blossoming trees, long walks in the park and fragrant tea ceremonies with family, friends - all of them relocated to art. My angel Art takes care of them for me. And takes care of me for them. Day after day he turns my new town into the cordial homeland of my rebirth. This wise and silent angel Art turns everything into poetry, into silent love, into a home one never can lose.