abstractart by Veera Zukova, Galleria Arté Finland

abstractart by Veera Zukova, Galleria Arté Finland


My name is Veera Zukova.
I live in Lapland, Finland.
I have my webpage, where you can see all my links (Facebook, Instagram, CV, Balthasart, Redbubble)

My WEBPAGE is: linktr.ee/veerazukova


Hello, my name is Veera Zukova. I live in Lapland, Finland. I was born in 1984, July. I am Leo from the horoscope.
I speak Russian, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English.
I have been living in Russia, Estonia, England, Spain, Poland Italy, Sweden, and Finland.
My education list is very long since I have been an immigrant most of the time.

Art has always been my light in the darkness.

I studied art in art school in Estonia and product design in Kouvola.
I have also participated in handicraft courses in Suomussalmi. You can find my full CV on my website link :)
I had a lot of exhibitions and I sell my artworks worldwide. I have approximately 60 works sold. Art motivates me a lot. I cherish my gift and I appreciate my own positive art style.

I usually paint subconsciously combining colors and shapes. I paint until I feel that the artwork is ready. I keep adjusting my artworks until they reach a certain level that I feel satisfied with.

Art is a great way to express oneself. So, you basically see pictures of my inner world expressed through acrylic on canvas.

We have a lot of nature in Lapland and I get a lot of inspiration from it.

I paint on stretched canvas mainly. I use acrylic, gouache, and watercolors from Saint Petersburg.



My links: linktr.ee/veerazukova

EXHIBITIONS (solo exhibitions, group exhibitions marked with *)
1999 Estonia, Kohtla-Järve, Ahtme Gymnasium, school hall exhibition
1999 Estonia, Kohtla-Järve. City Hall combined exhibition *
1999 Estonia, Kohtla-Järve, Ahtme art school hall
1999 Germany, Düsseldorf
2000 Estonia, Kohtla-Järve, Ahtme art school hall
2000 Poland, Zåri
2001 France, Paris, Musée de la Cartes *
1999–2003 Estonia several places
2009 Finland, Helsinki, Library
2009 Finland, Helsinki, Swedish culture house
2010 Finland, Helsinki, Galleria Nunes
2010 Finland, Suomussalmi, library, gallery Kieppi
2015 Finland, Suomussalmi, Theater Retiikka, an exhibition for Red Cross
2015 Finland, Galleria Kieppi, a collective exhibition on handicrafts*
2016 Finland, Helsinki, Kynnys Ry, cafe galleria
2018 Finland, Rovaniemi, Kaupungintalo
2018 Finland, Oulu, Caritas
2018 Finland, Oulu, Kolo cafe lounge
2018 Finland, Oulu, Kofeiinikomppania
2018 Finland, Rovaniemi, Kauppayhtiö ravintolan terassi
2018 Finland, Oulu, Voimala
2018 Finland, Oulu, Igloo cafe whole summer
2018 Finland, Helsinki, Espoo kirjasto
2019 Finland, Oulu, cafe KOLO
2020 Finland, Helsinki, Valssaamo, Suomen taiteilijat ry annual exhibition *
2020 Finland, Oulu, Galleria Mehiläinen exhibition
2020 Finland, Oulu, taide Oulu gallery *
2020 online, Green Heart Gallery’s Virtual Art Escape! *
2020 Finland, Ylitornio library
2020 Finland, Pello library, solo exhibition
2021 Finland, Rovaniemi, exhibition in Mandragora cafe/shop
2021 Finland, Kärsämäki, solo exhibition in the library
2021 Finland, Kemi, Kemin Taiteiden Yö, small solo exhibition
2021 Sweden, Övertorneå, library, small solo exhibition
2022 Finland, Pello, Pellonkorjuu tapahtuma, messut, s

Highly detailed artworks, originals

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Single color artworks

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