My name is Vanessa Ashford and in art circles I am known as B.VANASH™. I take great pleasure in creating unique art and creative design concepts. My goal is to let the art speak for itself.

I meditate in prayer to get in the right frame of mind before I paint because my belief is that spirituality makes all the difference in the world. It sets the tone for my peace and harmony, and also produces both innovation and creativity. A person’s creative soul is always exhibited through artistic and spiritual reflections. This is the time when they are depicted at best. My subject matter and style vary depending on my inner feelings.

My styles vary from still life imagery with southern, east and west coast influences to free style, cross cultural and surrealistic imagery.

My favorite mediums to work with are acrylic and mixed media. I love adding texture to my art for added details and love working with a multitude of dynamic colors .It is so intriguing to be able to create art that is unique. My creative perception is conceptual in nature because I tend to see every line, every color, every depth, and the colors within those depths. I firmly believe that I have wisdom beyond my years and it influences my perspective of creativity.Art is a positive remedy to my unexpressed emotions and it allows me to experience a level of great pleasure, enjoyment and serenity.

My Grandma Pearl was instrumental in me developing a keen sense of aesthetics and design. Grandma Pearl was a strong-willed Christian woman. She and my grandfather owned a farm in the South and had ten children. Grandma Pearl was a remarkable homemaker and artisan. She created gorgeous quilts, clothes, and doll dresses, made all the more remarkable by the fact that as a young girl she had lost one hand in a fire.

Grandma Pearl was not a person to draw attention to a deficit. She ensured that her clothes were tailored to disguise the lack of a hand, and went on to live a creative life filled with beauty — and I believe she passed on her spirit to me.

Handcrafted Sun Angel Designer Pillo