TArt (Taylors Shangri-La)

TArt (Taylors Shangri-La)


Greetings Everybody,

My name is Taylor Austin, I am a 22 year old up and coming artist from Utah. My art style, as well as my methods for artwork varies . Such as, using combinations of chalk, acrylic paint, water color, etc. I am looking to gain prosperity from my passion, as well as put a new face, and my own style to today's art world.

My portfolio is quite moderate in size for the moment, but I am looking for the financial backing to expand my collection. Thus the reason that I am selling the created originals, and not making duplicate prints, so they will indeed be one of a kind. Later on I will be offering duplicate prints for upcoming artwork, as well as taking requests for custom artwork.

Thank You again for helping this starving artist
Sincerely, Taylor Austin