I'm Anastasia Vanjeeva™, young ceramics artist with many ideas in different areas of art. I am fond of living art and all beautiful and meaningful. Now I`m working on my paintings on clothes in different styles and techniques. My page is about it.
Earlier I painted to "cheer" my clothes, to comfort my friends and relatives, now charming Lviv (the cultural capital of Ukraine) has inspired me by many ideas for lovers of unique clothes. Watching sometime in the evening how the exhausting summer rays gently put into their sleep the centuries-old towers and cozy gates of always merry city, I caught myself on a warm desire to elevate the mood to those who are not indifferent to everything beautiful.
All my unique works are carried out exclusively on high-quality clothing and using proven materials. None of the works will be repeated or replicated. I can paint a picture of your chosen theme on my or your clothes (with my idea of interpretation, but I do not copy my or other pictures).
Call me, write me),, WhatsApp or Viber +380509566016, +380639417187.
Wish you a good mood!

Paintings on canvas

Complicated paintings on clothing