ValiD (Valentin Dragu) is licensed in both Journalism and English at West University of Timisoara. He has been working in education for more than 15 years. He is a dedicated teacher, making sure that things happen and goals accomplish. Even though he's teaching, he never stops learning. He's keen on photography, music, animals and sports: playing, watching and betting. He also loves reading and writing and, on a personal level, he usually puts down the things he cares about.


2014-2015 - Expert Photographer within the European IPA Project "Banat on the European Road - Banat, Our Space under the Sun"
2015 - The author of "Betting Rules - A Successful Story"
2013 - Global Campaign for Education
2011-2013 - National Program "Economy Based on Knowledge
2010-2013 - English Teacher Counterpart within USA-Romania Peace Corps Partnership
2013 - Comenius Regio "Ensuring the Quality in Vet through the Strategy and the Implementation in the European Coordinates"
2012 - Education's Digital Champions, National Conference, Bucharest
2012 - "Creativity Methods to promote European Quality - how to combat poverty, disadvantages and unfairness with creative tools" - LLLP, Graz, Austria
2009 - Youth in Action, E.M.M.Y.O.N (Euro-Med Youth Online Network), Ragusa, Italia