Valencia art

Valencia art

My name is Valencia, and I am a self taught artist from Illinois, I have been gifted by God to start my journey as an artist since the age of 5 years old. I also give credit to my high school teacher who encourage me to use my skills and bring out my talent. I use various techniques to create beautiful and unique works of art.

I start selling paintings online some years ago after being out of a job and not having enough money to purchase my mother a birthday gift. This is when I decided to pull back out an old canvas, paint and art brushes and begin painting my mother a picture. When she open the package containing the finished product, onlookers were amazed and inspired. This was a new beginning of people requesting artwork and me selling my original paintings.

As a result of perseverance, my painting have been sold in various locations all over the world including: Florida, California, Germany, Paris and other places nationwide.

I have also sold paintings to repeated buyers and art collectors who own art Museums.

My paintings consist of : Original black folk art, Spiritual, Umbrella Girls with mix match socks, Abstract faces, Jazz and some famous people such as Michael Jackson art title: "The famous tiptoe dance painting artwork".

I love being and artist, but my biggest pleasure is that my customers have a smile on their faces as they look with enjoyment at a painting that brings life, love and peace into their home, signed by Valencia