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Creative Mind at Heart LLC

Words From the Heart by the Artist

"If I can depict a world with no reservations, turmoil, nor strife...I would. But since that world does not exist, I will shine light on the essential beauty in the struggle".~UrbanNoir

There is beauty in just being yourself and expressing the depth that makes up all of humanity. I would say that this found adornment is based on clothing, clichés, social statues or within the inner circles that we all take place in; but, I would be wrong. Why? Because all of these things will eventually fade or pass over in time. Utilizing bright spirited hues and moderate to harsh brush strokes I have mastered the ability to depict emotion and generate intense thought within my body of work, ranging from contemporary to more abstract and whimsical in style.

UrbanNoir's Biography

Shantelle L. Fuller, born in 1984 in Washington D.C., known as UrbanNoir for her depictions of culture in itsome natural beauty. Fuller is now emerging from underground views to public art exhibits in the United States. Fuller is making her mark as an African-American Artist, Activist, and Feminist taking on both contemporary and modernize styles within her work. Fuller obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts from Seton Hill University, located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

There, Fuller absorbed the acute attention to abstracted forms associated with sculpture, printmaking, and mixed media subsequently refining her own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through her focus on the points of sensuality, sexuality, and femininity within figurative drawing, sculpture, glass works and textiles.

Fuller's most recent success was selling a portrait at public function to NFL player Joshua Morgan at the Hard Rock Mission Music & Arts festival in DC April 27, 2016. In addition, showcasing one of her sculptures at the Torpedo Art Factory Center, in Alexandria VA., in honor of Caribbean Heritage Month June 11, 2016 and her work will appear in one of DC's largest underground art shows "Pancake and Booze Art Show", August 4, 2016 at Penn Social Washington DC.

She looks forward to traveling abroad to spread empowerment, happiness, and love through her art and community outreach.

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