Uragi Underground Art

Uragi Underground Art


I'm a passionate person, individualistic and free-spirited, driven to overcome the constant pain I'm in (possibly Multiple Sclerosis, doctors have found evidence of nerve and bone degeneration that cannot be explained away) by creating art and building worlds. I cannot walk most days, and on the pain scale I exist nonstop around 7/10, with flares in pain ranging from 8 to ER Visit. I'm easy to get along with, and love to make new friends.

Because of the worldbuilding tendency that I have and the affinity for character design, I can have multiple characters to show who I am, however, there are TWO primary identities for which I am known:

Sadira, and King Taburyk, both of which exist in their own worlds and have tons of art and stuff around them. <3

Nice to meet you all!

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