DAVIDE is a former artist and collector and I also feature the work of my family friend and talented young artist DAMYAN who created a series of CELEBRITY STAR PORTRAITS in A4 and A3 size using various media.(see below)
I have also featured part of my collection that I built up while running tours programmes for groups all over the world - mainly Bali Art, French Naif/Primitif Oils, Russian Church and Landscapes and Soviet medals, statuettes, lacquer boxes, porcelain and dolls. I also have a collection of Lenin and Mao statues and busts and medals/pins. Not all are displayed as it would take me a week to organise and load them all on this site but let me know if you want a link to see more!
Part of my motivation to collect art works was after meeting a poor artist working at a gallery in Ubud, Bali who had a family to support. He helped me to buy and discover Ketut Astina and I now have 7 oversize oils on canvas by this talented artist....unfortunately since I was in Bali in the 90's he has passed away. On my return I continued to support my Bali family friends by having Ida Bagus PANJI send me a new small landscape or traditional dance painting each month and in return I sent him some money to support his family. Proceeds from the sale of Ida Bagus' work go back to supporting the artist and allow me to continue that funding!
As my flat is like a museum/art gallery and totally cluttered I have decided to downsize and clear out a large part of my collection as I near retirement! Most of them are also available as limited edition prints so something for all budgets.

CelebrityStarPortraits by Damyan
A young Russian born artist living now in Germany who specialised in creating many unique stylised and also realistic portrait drawings and watercolours of famous celebrities in the music and film business. Damyan is also a designer and DJ who is very interested in architecture and design as a possible future career.

His work is very unusual and often draws on art deco motifs and graphics for the frame or style. Most of the portraits capture a certain likeness of the celebrity in a very realistic way. If the originals are beyond your budget (though very reasonably priced) you can also order limited edition signed copies.

Damyan graduated from the Academy of Art in Chisinau and also worked for a design company in Hamburg. He still does commission portraits but his time now is more limited.


Bali Oils by Ketut ASTINA