Merilee Tutcik

Merilee Tutcik

Merilee Tutcik
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I am an intuitive painter. I enjoy the journey and surprise of not knowing what will emerge on to my canvas. Books,concepts,Music, Philosophy’s and the places these intersect greatly inspire me in my journey into the unknown and the here to fore unseen.

My paintings are invitations to the viewer to discover the stories there in the process of the Observer Effect. The Pareidolia effect.
Perhaps returning
to see yet another revelation or story.
My nonobjective, nonrepresentational works exist somewhere in the space and time that exists between 0 and 1. The yet Unknown, Unknown to be discovered.
Layers of paint intimate at the existence of spaces in Light and time we do not experience but are present at all time around us. We may exist in only one of these spaces in time.

Sometimes I view a painting with 3-D glasses and see the space between the layers and know they are there.

I am available to discuss my work.
Merilee Tutcik

Backdrops as diverse as Southeast Asia, New York, Russia and Houston have all contributed to the diversity and complexity of artist Merilee Tutcik. Her participation in a broad spectrum of artistic endeavors such as ballet, stage set design, graphic arts, and the paintings and mosaics she has become famous for, define her as a unique and original contributor to the international art world.

The process of creation, the excitement of experiment, the spontaneity of being in tune to life's changes, all become a part of the finished artwork.

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Currently based in Central Florida, Merilee is focused Merilee aspires to create more than she consumes.

Merilee Tutcik