Tug's stones

Tug's stones


One of my earliest memories is throwing rocks at a washing machine sized boulder trying to break them in half to see what was inside with my friend Nicky.
Somewhere along the line started looking at the outside. When the family went to Agate Beach I started collecting. Those stones are long lost during the graduating,get married, raising kids and the division of property, during that 35 years I would come up with different art projects. Nature was at the center of them all. Pinecones into wreaths, walnut shells sliced thin sanded and finished,gourds macrame with beads into shakers and many wood projects highlighting the wood grain . Those years were busy busy and the art lost out.
After working 40+ years and playing every sport I could the body threw in the towel. Being broke, layed up and bored out of my mind. I thought I'd paint people and company names on rocks for advertising.
Forest was the first name I attempted, hated my lettering (maybe 1st grade) unsellable. Fir trees look easy with a fan brush, Forest, it made since. Well, the trees never looked like trees to me. I kept trying till I had so much paint it was running off the stone. I grab a toothpick and tried to keep the paint on the stone. I was catching drips and tilting the stone like crazy. Finally when the paint ran off or dried enough to stop moving. The first painting of mine that was interesting enough to keep. First thing I learned was less is more. I would work it so much the paint look muddy. I still wanted to try names. I would cover the stone with paint white mainly, then dip a toothpick in a different color for each letter. The only toothpick stokes is your name spelled out, then run it all together with gravity.
I'm always asked or been told that's pour painting. Kinda,I call it, a manipulated pour with gravity overtones. I move the paint where I want it and then tilt the stone up and around.
When you view a Stone or canvas take a minute ,turn it around, upside down you'll be surprised where your mind goes. I like looking at different distances, in and out of focus and different lighting.
I started doing canvas to hang on the wall for that reason. You walk past 100 times, then the light just right, your mind is open , your not even looking at picture and out of the corner of your eye you catch an image that stops you. Whenyou need turn it upside down and walk past another 100 times.

The Stones are similar, a picture shows you one distance, lighting and angle. You get the most enjoyment from holding them, and feeling their energy. I like to think of the Stones as portable art. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
P.s. if you have a question, comments, suggestions ,want to veiw more of my work or need to send money 😃 my Facebook page is

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