Tug's stones

Tug's stones


One of my earliest memories is throwing rocks at a washing machine sized boulder trying to break them in half to see what was inside with my friend Nicky. We threw rocks at cans , bottles, signs,anything floating down the river ,even other rocks. ( gravel pit walls try start an avalanche) It was always a competition and I have never liked losing.
Rocks are a child's first weapon, my mom was anti firearms, bows and arrows , knife. Finally let me have a sling shot at 14 yrs old. My Mom was wise , any earlier and the consequences Could have been disstrutive.
One day we were having a rock fight in the gravel pit. I never aim to hit anybody, but I wanted them to know I could. I was throwing at Steve and he started jumping back and forth like a retarded meth monkey and hit my rock with his head. Keep your eye on the rock, that's the rule same as in sports, if the rock is coming at you , step out of the way, simple. Steve was the only person every hit.
With the sling shot ,I needed to start looking for a perfect rock ,instead of just a thrower. After we camped at Agate Beach I was hooked on beautifully interesting rocks.
Shortly after that I got a rock polisher, lasted until I had to buy more grit , about the same time I started looking at girl ,and I've been spending my money on them every cents. My dad always teased about looking at girls when he saw me drooling " Stop looking at the grils". Wish I would have listened. My ex was such a evil person at the end of are 30+ year relationship I was thinking of switching sides. Anyways that's when rocks turned to stones.
I also loved wood. The grain, the feel and all you could do with it. Tinkered with making artsy fartsy things from Jr High though 2000. I'm starting to incorporate wood into my stone paintings.

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