The Artist’s Studio

The Artist’s Studio

I am a painter and clinical psychologist in private practice. We use art in our brain injury practice with arts and craft activities integrated into the treatment program. My passions include painting, drawing and helping my clients.

I was an art major in college initially, but switched majors and finally graduated with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I have studied art and attended classes and workshops throughout my life, an have developed some skills in a diverse range of media and styles. Art is my outlet for creativity often rewarding yet at other times frustrating. Over the years I have produced several thousand works, have sold my fair share at various galleries, local venues, and festivals.

The three series displayed for sale on Art Pal include life charcoal drawings, recent post impressionist and abstract expressionist paintings, and pastel on sandpaper landscapes done en plain air and from photos.

The three recent works help to connect me to the human experience, my subconscious world, and nature respectively. It is an honor to share my passion with the public and offer prints and originals through the ArtPal website.



Cave Paintings


Grouped Figures