Trish (Elena Morgun)

Trish (Elena Morgun)

Elena Morgun. Creative pseudonym and mystic avatar - Trish
Artist, writer, art-therapy professional.

Born in Kuibyshev in 1982 in a dynasty of architects.
Member of International Federation of Artists.
Founder and inspirer of Not-a-casual Studio project since 2006, symbolysm, tribal and ethnic mystic traditions of the world are the subjects in focus.

Her paintings seldom stay in studio too long, they are demanded by galleries and collectors for exhibitions and purchase soon after the last stroke. Elena's pieces are stored in private collections in Russia, USA, Australia, Great Britain.

Genre is often defined as surrealism or fantasy, symbolism or metaphoric realism. The author avoids giving definitions to her own style and works of art. She is convinced that "formalization is the job for critics; the artist issues existential or personal challenges and meets them in his creative work".

Paintings by Trish are really something on the edge of supernatural. If you stay alone with her piece of art in front of eyes, you hear it, feel the presence, breath. Incredible motion starts around you, inside your mind and soul, and changes happen in life. Trish warns about such effects, and says it is not hallucination. It's the result of subconscious interaction between a semantically rich picture and its spectator, influence programmed by the artist. How can it happen? The author does not reveal her secrets. We only know, that the method is based on knowledge in physiology, psychology, esotericisms, philosophy and history.

Doors That Are Not (series)