Freelance artist dedicated to easel painting, digital design and monumental (mural) painting.

The need to transmit the teachings of our ancestors became part of my work as a painter and communicator. For this reason, one of my main objectives is the preservation of culture and its cosmogony, through an imaginative and sensitive perspective embodied in my painting. My interest is to draw a line that connects the material life with the spiritual and dream experiences related to the reverie, in the own interpretation of whoever observes it. This is how I express my understanding and my experience.

I want painting to be a trigger for the search and empowerment of our own being, to understand our nature, to be able to connect with our sensitivity and our intuitive power. Recover the ancestral memory, the wisdom of the grandparents and the balance with nature; understand the importance and power of medicinal plants, and the source of ancient customs and rituals. My work refers to a sensitive and visionary change, individual and collective.

Why Tonal?

In the Mexican culture, Tonal is the spiritual animal that takes care of us and protects us from the moment we are born until we die, he is a messenger, a guide, a counselor. It shows us the mission of life. Tonal is a concept within the study of Mesoamerican religion, myth, folklore, and anthropology. It refers to the belief found in many indigenous cultures, that a person at birth acquires a close spiritual bond with an animal, a bond that lasts a lifetime for both parties. For the Aztecs, the day of birth of a person, would determine the nature of the person, each day was associated with an animal.

From the understanding of what tonal means, the concept of my painting arises, an intimate connection with the viewer is sought, with the aim of transmitting feelings and awakening interest in introspection
In this sense, the interpretation of the painting is generated from the stories of the tonal of the person who perceives them, that is what inspires me to tell my experience, with a visionary surrealist style, full of bright colors and textures, which make you remember the moments in connection with the true self.

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