Tiaan Boshoff

Tiaan Boshoff, the founder and sole owner of “Titan Arts” is a dynamic person with a burning desire to create. Reinventing life and setting a spunky new trend with his brand “Titan Arts”. A born talent which make him utterly unique from any other. You will find him on Instagram, twitter, Whatsapp, Snap Chat, Facebook and a plethora of other popular social forums.

This gentle soul was born in Springs, Gauteng. He was the second child of three and raised in less than “perfect” conditions in a volatile time in the history of South Africa. His dad, a Staff Sergeant in the former South African Defense force and his mother the expected “house wife”. His early childhood and early adulthood thus sculptured, molded and tempered in a less than harmonic household. Disciplined by an authoritarian father to harsh set of norms encoded through pre-apartheid “Army” of the old regime. With regard to education, he excelled. In short, a “Dux” student, serving on student councils and earned a prestigious bursary to study law. In addition did his absolute natural ability to be “creative” developed in leaps and bounds! Sadly however, life at that time, his strict upbringing and pure survival, forced all to dormancy. ………because a man had to work……..not study or play with “art”. Study and art thus for the birds.

Tiaan, after leaving school, trained in boiler-making - aka "Blacksmith". This was extreme hard work and labor intensive, but the income above average and was Tiaan able to relocation to Cape Town in 2007. In 2014 his life very unexpectedly, took a turn for the worst. In a very sad, tragic and near fatal circumstances, Tiaan literally fell head over heels in a very deep drainage channel. The area unlit and not fenced by municipal authorities. To make the incident even worse was that Tiaan, while unconscious, bleeding profusely and literally dying in this hole, he got robbed from all his cash. This shocking robbery however saved his life, because the robbers shifted his body and unknowingly forced Tiaan to become aware of surroundings. In this incident he broke his right leg severely, lost nearly all the blood in his entire body and on the brink of death. A period of nearly a year of emergency treatments and hip replacement procedure followed. After the initial hip replacement and necessary recovery period, Tiaan went back to work, but this proofed to be disastrous. In 2016 his hip finally collapsed and nearly resulted in total amputation. Miraculously Tiaan’s leg was saved and his hip replaced with Titanium. (Ring a bell??)The result of months in hospitals impacted severely on Tiaan, who could obviously not continue to work. Now without any income, and physical pain as constant companion, Tiaan made a choice to return to his roots. He came to the realization that:

After he finally realized and accepted his dire situation, considered his personal fundamental beliefs mentioned above, he made the choice to relocate to Port Elizabeth in 2018. This to return to his roots, embrace his ability to capture emotion, create his destiny and portray life. His work a gift of love has seen and experienced through his eyes, soul and heart. To overcome his personal tragedies, he finds motivation and courage in just that. This courage fuels his creative energy. Literally he have no limits, and when he visualize “it”, he can paint, sculpture or produce “it” in whatever medium available.

In Port Elizabeth, Tiaan create and founded “Titan Arts”, which is the brand trough which his art (Commissioned or not) is made available to corporate clients and/or private individuals. He is the sole owner and his creativity not influenced or prescribed by partners. Do YOU need to see and feel your heart and soul on a canvas? Tiaan invite you to chat to him. No obligation…no limits.