Timea Ludnai

Timea Ludnai


Hey everyone!

Telling people who or what I am would be such a waste of time! In my experience, no matter how sincere a person, people will always find reasons to call one a liar. That is why, instead of writing a summary of my *talents and virtues*, I prefer to tell the world what I believe in. And since nowadays the world is soooo fond of lists, here is one:

1. I believe in Love, true, dedicated love; the kind that knows no pride; the kind that one feels towards a person even when angry with them; the kind that gives without expecting anything in return.

2. I believe in Freedom. The freedom of choice and that of expression.

3. I believe in Honesty.

4. I believe in Dignity and Respect. As long as we hold on to those two, we can always bounce back, no matter how deep we have fallen.

5. I believe in Equality… and I claim my right to ask for it on behalf of every sentient being on the planet (in the universe?).

6. I believe in Compassion.

7. I believe in Beauty, that unique beauty I see in you and me, and everything that surrounds us, material and immaterial.

8. I believe in Magic; in the magical act of wishing on a star; the magic of falling in love because of a smile; the magic of a rainbow shed upon the water by a dragonfly’s wings…

9. I believe in Miracles, period.

10. I believe in Uniqueness, that awesome trait we all posses, that makes each and every one of us amazing in our own special way; but at the same time I believe in Oneness, the oneness of our needs and dreams and wishes; that one essential thing that makes us all human.

11. I believe in Spirit, that wild *thing* that can’t be caged by any earthly means.

12. I believe in You and I believe in Me!

13. Oh, and I believe in Unicorns, and Fairies, and Angels, and that fairy tales can come true! There you have it!

Peace, Love & Light