Timber Art Decor

Timber Art Decor


I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working with wood.

The sense of pride and accomplishment it brings me when I create an art piece with reclaimed wood is the reason I have a passion for this.

My passion also resides in only working with hand tools. Planing, jointing, and sawing the wood with nothing but hand tools.

As for why I opened up shop, my friends and family often request my work pieces for their homes and to give as gifts. Which has inspired me to share my interpretation of experiences that people can relate to and appreciate through my works of art.

I create unique pieces of wooden art you can enjoy for generations to come.

The types of wood I mostly work with are red oak, pine, poplar and maple. Occasionally walnut, mahogany and cherry wood. Although it takes more time to prep and work with reclaimed wood, it is part of the process which I enjoy. Also, I rather save it by turning it into art that will bring warmth into your home and be appreciated, than seeing it go into the trash.

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