I am an artist born in a poor family in one of the villages in Armenia. Having a big passion in painting and arts, since my very young age I started painting whatever I saw in my surrounding and as I was in love with my little and old village I was all the time examining every little part of houses and streets and tried to express my impressions in my paintings.

When I was 18, I left my village and went to study arts in the capital. I studied 4 years in the academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan and 2 years in the Russian academy of Arts in Moscow. The beginning of my career was very tough as I had to go to the war in 1994 in Armenia and my country was in a very complicated financial situation during long time so people had no mood and energy for arts but I have never given up and never stopped painting. After 2000 my career went up when one of my friends who lived in Moscow suggested me to open a gallery there and I moved to live in Moscow where during 2000 and 2008 we already had 3 galleries of art in Russia. In 2010 I moved to live in France for personal reasons and since then I am presenting and selling my paintings in different galleries in Europe.