Peter Craig-McFeely

Peter Craig-McFeely

I am a mixed media contemporary artist based in Oxford, England and specialise in portraiture, landscapes, collage the fantastical and sometimes abstract art. I have also been accused of creating Dada, which I had to read up on to know anything about and is something I happily admit to.

I started as an artist around 16 years ago, creating collage using a large pile of old newspapers and magazines as my source material. Prior to this point in time I had never considered myself as being creative and indeed the pile of magazines was purely collected out of personal interest and nothing else. I would have laughed at any suggestion of turning it into art. Even more so if they were being serious.

I have a preference to painting more from photographs rather than from life and in the process sometimes find myself getting stuck in a rut of my own making. being lazy and not using my imagination which I believe is essential if one is to explore creativity to it's fullest extent. Being lazy is easy, but it is not rewarding, whereas mindful creative inspiration can have a considerable degree of perspiration providing at the end of the day an altogether greater sense of satisfaction as to ones output as well as stimulating the mind for the better. Painting or ought I say creating brings me a tremendous sense of peace and well being, it is not the fact that sometimes people buy work from me or ask for commissions which is rather nice, it is also that I am making something where previously there was nothing and if a canvas turns out rotten I can paint over it and start again. ( most of these seem to be on cheap materials)

This last year has seen me moving away from Acrylic based work and exploring Oils, though not the first time I have worked with them, it is a good reminder of how versatile and workable oil colour can be. However these positives are tempered by the unforgiving nature of the paint and the amount of work involved in cleaning up mistakes. This in itself is good in that it encourages properly thought out pieces of work, with better preparatory work providing a clear idea how to execute work. Having produced a series of portraits of various personalities from Television presenters to actors, I am now continuing my practice with landscapes and more fantastical work.

As mentioned previously it is easy to get stuck in a rut regarding ones work and as such I am stretching my mind again and getting out a bit more (Covid careful) to encourage the imagination the more, where there is plenty to do this at home, getting out and about provides that little bit more. The bicycle is seeing lots of use and my handy little camera is always available if needs be.