Threshing Floor Arts and Crafts

Threshing Floor Arts and Crafts

My Father is a Pastor. He and My mom raised their six Children to know and serve the Lord. I was the youngest of Six. I accepted Christ at a young age. I remember sitting on my parents bed with my mom asking questions and asking Jesus into my heart.

As I grew up the concept of once saved always saved stayed present in my mind and I became lackadaisical with my faith. I sought acceptance from my peers and rarely sought the Lord. I struggled to find purpose. I know what I desired for my future, but my desires where constantly being winnowed away.

My Junior year in High school; my bible teacher, who happened to be my Oldest brother, asked us to write a paper on what makes us a follower of Christ. I struggled to write that paper. There was no evidence in my life that I was a follower of Christ. There in the hallway of my school, I reclaimed my faith in Christ, I sought out to serve him in all I did. It was not an easy journey. I have had a lot of bumps and bruises and disobedience to his will along the way.

So what does my Testimony have to do with a Threshing floor? The threshing Floor was a flat hard surface where the farmers in the Biblical times would take their harvest of grains; they would beat it, have the cows even walk over it to break the shells, and they would Throw the grains up in the air so that the chaff could blow away while the wheat fell to the Threshing floor. That is what my Christian walk has been and I do believe will continue to be until the Lord takes me home. The Lord brings things into my life that will winnow the chaff out my life.

My art is one of the gifts the Lord has blessed me with. Even though I don't feel like I measure up to most, I love and enjoy what I paint and create. I have to winnow those canvas' as well. I have lots of ideas' in my head and it takes LOTS of layers of paint on the canvas to create a piece. The ideas in my head to the paint brush don't always go smoothly and I have to correct the mistakes. Same with God, but he isn’t correcting HIS mistakes since he doesn’t make them, but mine. As his spirit speaks to me my actions don't always come out in the way that it should have and God, my heavenly Father, has to discipline me and show me the correct way. But he doesn't have to paint a new layer on top, He is able to wash the canvas clean and show me how by guiding the paint brush of my life to follow his strokes.

I hope that my pieces of art that you bring into your home will be a reminder to you of God’s love for you, and that even in those hard times when He's allowing the chaff to blow away in our lives, he has amazing plans to mold you more into his image.