This Sacred Life

This Sacred Life

After a 30 year hiatus, I have rediscovered my passion for art. My artwork is a visual expression of how the sacred manifests in our everyday life and in all things. I call my work “painting with paper” and it is a mixed media work with layers of various types of paper that reveals my vision of our world in its many layers. My original poems add another dimension through language to each work. My hope is that these works will inspire you to consider the sacred in your own life, in any way that makes you feel larger and more connected.

My work starts with an image or an idea, and once I start laying down the initial layers of paper and cutting out the images, it takes on a life of its own. I paste the layers together with matte medium, and create different effects using both transparent and opaque papers. Once the work is done, I am inspired to explore the emotion and the meaning of the work in poetry. I have found that I cannot write the poetry first. It always follows the visual image. And it comes from a different part of myself than the visual work with a distinct switching of gears. Most interestingly, it is often only after I have finished the poem that I fully comprehend the experience that the work has led me through. I love the way they complement each other.

Mary's work has recently been juried into Tamarack - The Best of WV- and is also shown at Art Space Gallery in Anna Maria Island, FL
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Mary lives in Charleston WV with her loving husband Dan of 25 years, and loves spending time in both the WV forests and the ocean at Anna Maria Island. She has 2 sons, Chris and David and owns an insurance business with her husband Dan.

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